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Creative Sparks - Mishaps, hurdles and ideas to inspire you and yours

Discover the power to think, engage, create and inspire, whilst having fun!

In times are full of demands and pressure, how can we equip our
children to cope in our ever-changing world?

• What influence your life and your values have on your child?
• How can you harness your own potential and help your child blossom?

Mum to three, speaker, and multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Sarah Cressall,
established The Creation Station to unlock the wonder within her own children.

Since 2002, this much-loved creative arts and crafts organisation has inspired over
950,000 children and their families.

Sarah shares the benefits of a creative approach to life and reveals how to apply
creativity to your own situation. Packed with over fifty-two tried and tested fun activities, Creative Sparks will help you develop your child’s creative intelligence, and equip them with the skills needed for a fulfilled and happy life. Get an early bird offer on this inspiring and thought-provoking book, packed with ideas to inspire you and your child.

Creative Sparks book open copy

Creative Sparks - ideas to inspire you and yours

Founder of Creation Station Sarah Cressall's book is set to inspire you and yours with her new book 'Creative Sparks'. Packed with ideas and over 52 activities this inspiring book will help inspire you and yours. Launching March 2018, click below to receive your early bird offer on the launch.

Sarah's book Creative Sparks

Reviews of Sarah's Book

“Sarah’s book makes it simple, easy and hugely enjoyable to explore and think outside of the box.”
Sue Atkins ITV ‘This Morning’ Parent Expert.

“If you believe that creativity and play are crucial to your child’s development then this s the book for you”.
Debra Searle MVO MBE. Solo Atlantic Rower, British adventurer

“Sarah’s book will make you want to grab life and live it for all its worth”.
Anne Walker MBE Founder of The International Dance Supplies