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Exciting GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ™ attempt to do at home for all ages - Let's be OFFICIALLY AMAZING ™

We know that these are challenging and uncertain times or you, your family and loved ones.

So to lighten the load and  we’ve got a bit fun for you, for the kids and for any elderly relatives too

We know you are all amazing, and we have an officially amazing opportunity  for you to enjoy at home or with the kids,  or to send the Our Creative Face GUINNESS WORD ATTEMPT™ activity box to a loved one in isolation.  

We are launching an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ™ attempt, to create the largest online gallery of collaged portraits; it’s called Our Creative Face 😊

Our Creative Face Collage  - The Creation Staaion

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the activity sheet from and create a collaged portrait using everyday items, recycled materials or items from ‘Our Creative Face’ box.
  2. Upload your image to and when we hit 50,000 images on the site we will email you with your OFFICIALLY AMAZING™ world record certificate 🙌.
  3. Share your image with #OurCreativeFace and tag three friends to create their own collaged portrait for your chance to win one of our weekly prize giveaways.
  4. If you would like an ‘Our Creative Face activity pack’ to use or to send to a loved one, you can purchase it here for £9.99 including delivery: ( For every box we sell we are donating £1 to food banks). If you would like 10% off your box please contact your local Creation Station leader.

Here’s to us all being OFFICIALLY AMAZING  and getting through these tough times together 💖.