Day #90 Mess-Free Finger Painting

sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Izzy and Boo are really starting to enjoy playing together.  Izzy has reached the point where she now has the physical ability to actively join in with Boo’s energetic antics which is so lovely to watch.

I wanted to get some paint out for them to play with today, but couldn’t face the clean-up for two tiny explorers.  The perfect solution – mess free finger-painting!

What You’ll Need












  • Resealable plastic bags – something like ‘Zip-Loc’
  • Paint – whatever colours you like
  • Shaving foam
  • Masking tape


Picture 007

This was a really straightforward activity which was also cleaned up in less than a minute!

We poured a bit of each colour into one of the resealable bags making sure there was a gap between each ‘blob’ of colour.  In the other bag we sprayed some shaving foam.  If you wanted to, you could even add some glitter to the shaving foam to make it sparkle!

Both bags were masking taped to the mat - making sure the ends were sealed properly and folded over before they were taped down (just in case!).

Time to let Izzy and Boo explore….

Picture 002

They squidged and poked at the bags, mixing the colours together and moving the shaving foam around.  Izzy enjoyed looking at the colours as they mixed together and Boo really liked flattening the shaving foam.

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 006

Picture 005

When we were done I simply pulled up the bags and threw them away.  You could always save them to use again though, and maybe even add extra colours to the bag…

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Day #90 DONE! 10 to go!

Sara x


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Excellent 4.9/5

7220 reviews on Trustpilot

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4th Mar

Quality product

My granddaughter hasn’t had chance to use the coverall yet but the quality looks good and the delivery was speedy.

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3rd Mar

Virtual party

I wasn’t sure how to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with the current restrictions and I don’t regret doing a virtual arty party at all! Nicola was absolutely amazing at hosting my daughter’s virtual 6th birthday party and all the girls really enjoyed it! Nicola was really good at keeping in contact and explaining how it would work. Would definitely recommend and will look at doing another party again in the future.

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2nd Mar

Family fun!

Lovely relaxed session for the whole family, Alix very friendly. Crafting not an easy thing to do via zoom, but it worked well. Children especially excited at the prospect of being in the Guinness book of records?

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2nd Mar

Kirsty was great the party was well…

Kirsty was great the party was well organised and great fun. My 6 year old loved it

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28th Feb

Sparking my inner arts and crafts hobbyist

Absolutely love these classes. I was first introduced to these from another baby group leader, I wanted to take my little boy to some different groups. When we were allowed to go, we went to the baby groups in Westhoughton. It was a very warm welcome that made us feel so comfortable in a new group. Everything was explained fully on what we had to do in the groups, even providing protective clothing for the clothes for my little boy. After this, I have gotten to know the group leader a little and now started to join in monthly arts and crafts zoom meetings with other ladies who enjoy this. I never thought I would start a hobby doing this but I LOVE IT! I’ve now made 2 things and am waiting for the March class to make more. It’s something to take my mind away for a few hours and do some creating. I was always so interested in arts and crafts when I was young but now this has got my mind buzzing. Thank you for your groups and lovely leaders! It’s been brilliant doing these groups in lockdown!

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28th Feb

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My daughter took part in the Slime workshop and really enjoyed it, would definitely recommend!

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27th Feb

Excellent value and a variety of activity sheets

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27th Feb

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24th Feb


I cannot praise the creation station enough. It has been a wonderful experience taking part in the zoom calls and it has been a god send to my sister, who has learning difficulties. I wish I had found you sooner

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23rd Feb

My kids love The Creation Station…

My kids love The Creation Station classes. They are always well run and really engaging. This session was on zoom and the joining info was really helpful and meant the session ran really smoothly. Would definitely recommend.