Day #68 Daddy Make!

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sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Today was a busy day!

I had a Christmas Arty Party for 32 children this morning which was super fun – but totally exhausting!

With an afternoon trip out planned with Izzy to a Christmas Craft Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre, I was thinking about what activity to do with Boo today and was seriously lacking in energy.  When I got home I was blown away to find that my other half had already spent some time doing a ‘make’ with Boo!

Seriously – I was stunned!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is totally hands-on with both children but when it comes to craft and all things glitter he prefers to keep a safe distance – something which is proving to be somewhat difficult for him given my choice of business :)

He had ventured into my ‘workroom/office’ (a.k.a craft disaster zone) - which for anyone who doesn’t know my ‘system’ must be a little daunting - and quickly grabbed the nearest tub of inspiration which happened to be this…..

Picture 001

Bit of a lucky dip eh?

He got Boo settled, found a pack of paper plates in a kitchen cupboard and asked Boo what he should make?

Picture 002


My husband said that Boo insisted that he (Daddy) helped to draw his ‘Mummy’, specifically instructing him that she needed eyes, toes and a nose, and then some string around the edge to decorate and hang.

Oh and a big spider on the back…?

So I was very impressed to find that from a totally random mix of supplies they made this…..!

Picture 003

Picture 006

Very resourceful!

I love that they were able to take a tub of completely random materials and just have fun creating whatever seemed right at the time.

Boo was very excited to show me his ‘Daddy make’!

One very happy Mummy!

Next time I just may convince my husband to break out the glitter tubs…..maybe!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Day #68 DONE! 32 to go!

Sara, Daddy & Boo! x


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16th Jun

Wonderful class

Wonderful class, with great materials to use and a brilliantly helpful instructor.

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16th Jun

Had a fantastic time and loved the…

Had a fantastic time and loved the results. A well run and supported event.

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15th Jun

Baby Discoverer - Father’s Day

Fantastic morning creating memories for Father’s Day. Sharon made the sessions really fun and enjoyable and helped us create fantastic gifts. Thank you - we will see you again soon

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15th Jun

It was simply amazing

It was simply amazing. My 9 months old enjoyed every single moment. We did canvas and key rings and could only say I had no idea I have a little Picasso at home.

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15th Jun

5 star party for a 5 year old..

Viv went above and beyond for my daughters 5th birthday party, an amazing party. Viv sourced wooden fairy doors for our fairy and unicorn theme and they look brilliant. Excellent v as lue and would definitely reccomend..

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15th Jun

Lovely class and very kind and helpful…

Lovely class and very kind and helpful instructor. Very reasonable price as all the materials were included. Would definitely recommend to others.

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15th Jun

We thoroughly enjoyed our session and…

We thoroughly enjoyed our session and came away with fantastic Father's Day art gifts. The atmosphere was very friendly and the guidance and help to compete the work was very much appreciated. Thank you ?

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15th Jun

Brilliant experience for my 8–month old…

Brilliant experience for my 8–month old daughter!

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14th Jun

Amazing Class

What an amazing class! Not sure who enjoyed it more (me or my 9month old!). Sarah is just the best host, so helpful and makes the class fun and interactive from start to end. Really love the keepsakes you get to take home. Thoroughly recommend and can’t wait to go again

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14th Jun

excellent environment for baby’s and tots

This was my third (little explorers? 6-18m) Creation station experience and I’ve enjoyed each one greatly. The groups are small and the activities varied. There isn’t time for the babies to get bored or whiny because there’s always so much for them to do. Olivia is an exceptional group facilitator and has the calming persona of everyone’s most cherished primary school teacher. Tasks that would be stressful at home (baby prints etc) are so simple with her tips and tweaks and the atmosphere is never anything but friendly and fun. I’ve recommended these groups to my friends and followers, and can see us going back again and again over the years