Day #38 Spooky Fun...Out And About

sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

Well I had today’s activity all planned out but things got all turned upside down – in the nicest possible way!

We made a last minute decision to go to our local ‘Rhythm and Rhyme’ session as they were having a special Halloween party.  Boo really does not like singing at all and generally puts his hands over his ears whenever anyone starts up…..but not Izzy….she LOVES LOVES LOVES!! anything musical and as soon as she hears a tune will start wiggling around like one of those dancing sunflowers that we all used to have as kids.  So….since we are going to a ‘Meet The Creepy Crawly’ session tomorrow – Boo will probably squeal the place down in happiness – I managed to convince him that we should also do something nice for Izzy today – plan agreed and off we went!

When we got there we found all sorts of creative things going on!!

Halloween Themed Colouring – you could also download some FREE Halloween colouring sheets from HERE

Picture 003

Picture 002

Pumpkin Play Doh

Picture 014

Picture 013

Decorate Your Own Spooky Biscuit – and hopefully finish it before Boo eats it!

Picture 023

All this creativity and a lovely Halloween themed singing session to boot….with Izzy’s favourites….the instruments!

Picture 018

Wow! A whole morning of creativity!

We were all tuckered out by the time we got home and possibly had ‘make’ overload today!

Time for naps I think!

Day #38 DONE! 62 to go!

Sara x


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8th Jul

I really enjoyed the session yesterday…

I really enjoyed the session yesterday and had great fun making my clay vase. Thank you for organising it. It was great that the clay and decorative bits were all supplied. I'm hoping to book on another session soon. Thanks, Sophie

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7th Jul

Brilliant class

Absolutely loved the online 'air drying clay' session, it was just so nice to do something for myself, from the comfort of home. Being a single mum, I find it very hard to get out for classes, so this was the perfect solution. Nat was so lovely, she made it so enjoyable - thank you xxx

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6th Jul

Great service

Great service, quality craft materials and friendly. We enjoyed crafting as a family ?

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4th Jul


Fabulous, highly recommended, loved how daddies could get involved too

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29th Jun

Excellent service! Great choices!

In the middle of lockdown, we ordered a number of craft packs from Alexis and were very pleased with the service. She helped us to choose some fantastic kits that our 4 year old loved. They were all great quality and personally delivered very quickly. I have already and would continue to highly recommend the creation station. I also run a homeschooling group on Facebook and can confirm that the members have all been really pleased with the offering and service available.

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26th Jun

I absolutely loved Nats class!

I absolutely loved Nats class!! She made myself and my daughter feel so welcome on zoom!!! The class had a really cosy, casual feel, but I also learnt a new skill!!! Nat took time to make sure each of us felt confident! She valued our art and gave us lots of praise! I'm not arty, but I came away thinking I can do this!! This was my first class with Nat, and I will definitely be joining one of her classes again!!

* * * * *
26th Jun

Fabulous Alexis

Had a fab online mandala class with Alexis last night from the comfort of my own garden in North Staffs. Alexis made the whole thing really easy to follow, went the extra mile with our resources and I was super pleased with the result. She's also provided craft packs for my kids during lockdown which have been amazing.

* * * * *
24th Jun

Online Mandala Class

I really enjoyed the online Mandala class with Nat at Stafford South. She was really great at explaining the technique and made sure everyone felt at ease. There was a good mix of conversation and concentration! Nat was very professional, friendly and encouraging. I will definitely be doing more of her online classes in the future.

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24th Jun

Mandala class…

I attended the online Mandala class last with Nat, I loved it Nat made me fell at ease and had a great time creating some art. Something I am going to do with my children this week. Thank Nat!

* * * * *
23rd Jun

Amazing mandala online class

Amazing class, Nat is a natural and it was lovely to see new faces and meet new people!