Day #32 Pumpkin Prints

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sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

After creating our Halloween hand and foot prints for the last couple of days, Boo seems to have gotten a little bit hooked on them! When I asked him what he wanted to do he said “Paint Hands Mummy!”

So off we go…….!

What You’ll Need












  • Orange and Green paint – we used Crayola washable
  • Black marker
  • Card
  • Sponge & plate


Picture 002

We prepared our painty sponge just like we did in Day #29 Baby Boo and Day #30 Creepy Critters.

Picture 003

After getting his hand all painty, Boo (with a teeny bit of help from Mummy), worked his way around the card creating a lovely round orange pumpkin shape.

A quick wipe of his hand and we moved onto the green paint to create our pumpkin stalk.

We left our creation to dry before we added our pumpkin face with the marker….

Ta Dah!

Painty Pumpkin Prints!

Picture 005

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Day #32 DONE! 68 to go!

Sara x


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15th Oct

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A lovely party. The girls loved it and it was very straight forward for me, no setting up or tidying to do. Easy and fully recommended. Thank you

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14th Oct

Fab Christmas craft workshop

Fab Christmas craft workshop, great prices too

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14th Oct

Emma puts on an amazing group which…

Emma puts on an amazing group which both me and my little ones love!

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14th Oct

Brilliant craft class

Brilliant craft class, I really enjoyed myself. Having only ever tried out craft with my children it was nice to do something for myself. Tracy as always is lovely and welcoming. Will definitely be coming to the next one! Thanks Tracy.

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14th Oct

Lovely teacher great session

Lovely teacher great session

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14th Oct

Host was very friendly

Host was very friendly, informative and loved her position in this role. Event was well organised, well stocked and a lot of messy fun. Loved it!

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13th Oct

Love making Christmas cards

Love making Christmas cards with creation station. Always lots of materials to use and Sarah is always on hand to help with ideas! We have also attended classes to make canvases which are brilliant keep sakes!

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13th Oct

Great Time

We went to the southport class to make Xmas cards, the lady was very good and explained everything really well. Both my little boys had a great time and would definitely go back.

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13th Oct

Great party

My daughter had an amazing 5th birthday party. Well organised and lots of fun. Thanks Antonia and Zeynab

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13th Oct

I had an enjoyable experience with my…

I had an enjoyable experience with my daughter making Christmas cards.