Creating your own rainbow with some felt tips, kitchen roll and some water. Watch the magic happen.

Really easy 2 minute make. Create your own rainbow - combining science and creativity. Using Capillary action.

Creating a Rainbow

Hi, I'm Nicola and I'm bringing you today's two-minute craft. Today's craft is all about creativity and science combining. Which I absolutely love and some really interesting results for children of all ages really.

From the younger ones to the older ones. So the things you will need. You'll need some household kitchen roll, 2 pots with water, in some washable felt tips. That's really important that they are washable. So not permanent markers, washable felt tips and a pair of scissors. So the first thing you're going to do is to create a rainbow, if you like. It doesn't have to be a rainbow it could  just be a plain old piece of kitchen roll, but I've created a rainbow because this is going to give some amazing effects.

We're going to see what happens, to this rainbow. So, the first job that we have to do is to create some rainbow effects on each side with our felt tips of this rainbow. So, if we want to stick with the rainbow colors, then we'll go red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, So, we need to go quite a way up with the felt tip and so red, orange and to hold that kitchen roll down it wants to move. You probably need to go about four centimetres up the kitchenroll. We'll go green, and make sure that is coloured in, in those stripes. we'll go blue.

and we'll go indigo. Going for that whole rainbow theme today. And we'll go violet. Great activity for young children for them, learning the names of colours. So, what you would do is to do that on both ends of your kitchen roll. Then you take the water and you watch the magic happen. So you will pop the ends of your rainbow into the water and let's watch what happens.

See some magic happening We should see a rainbow being created. Can you see the colour travelling up that kitchen? So the science behind this one is that the water travels through this paper. It's called capillary action if you want the scientific name for it and because the water travels it carries with it the dye from the felt tips and that moves up the kitchen roll with the water to give that rainbow effect. If we kept that in there,for long enough, that would keep travelling, obviously you would do both ends and you should end up with the rainbow. You can pop that afterwards, out to dry, and you could hang that up, you could display it and you've 
just got a really interesting piece of craft where creativity and science merge, here at The Creation Station. We love that, we call it STEAM. It's putting the arts into science so a lovely one to try you can do it in any shape, coffee filters work as well as kitchen roll. So have a go with that one and have fun..

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