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CBeebies Bitz & Bob team up with Science Museum and The Creation Station to inspire kids interest in STEAM

Bitz & Bob CBeebies and Creation Station

Hit CBeebies series Bitz & Bob is leaping off the screens and heading around the UK in a series of award-winning Creation Station local workshops. The hands-on activities have been developed to spark children’s curiosity and develop their fascination in STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

Bring the ‘Arts’ into the principles of ‘STEM’ is an integral part of this funny and engaging adventure series which aims to inspire the engineering talent of the future. Much like the Science Museum’s ‘We Are Engineers’ festival that celebrates  the diverse ways in which engineers change the world and the workshops that The Creation Station run, that inspires imagination and nurtures creativity to unlock potential

With a range of fun activities to get involved in, our aim is to help extend these experiences at home.

Here’s three ways to get involved

1. Local Creation Station CBeebies Bitz and Bob workshops across the UK

We are delighted to team up with Bitz and Bob to provide themed workshops in over  100  local venues, schools and nurseries. across the UK from 5-12 November 2018 at our  Little Explorers and Create Clubs sessions. The award-winning workshops will inspire your child’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills, in these fun ‘STEAM’ explorations.

Click here for details for your local Creation Station CBeebies Bitz and Bob classes

2. Visit the Science Museum

Bitz & Bob will be taking part in the Science Museum’s forthcoming ‘We Are Engineers’ free family festival in London

The Bitz & Bob Experimentation Station will be at the festival, which runs across October half term (20-28 October), showcasing some awesome activities that mini engineers will want to create again and again at home. Kids will be encouraged to use their “Engineer-o-vision” and join in the fun with exciting experiments such as creating balloon rockets, bubble blowers and liquid balls.  You can find out more about these STEAM activities here [Link to follow] As well as fuelling their imagination, meet-and-greet sessions with Bitz will run throughout the day from 20-23 October.

3. Enjoy free Creation Station CBeebies Bitz and Bob activities

We’ve put together some fun activities for you to enjoy exploring with your child at home.

Download your Creation Station CBeebies Bitz and Bob activities here

Nicola Herrmann Director Global Brands Boat Rocker Rights said: “We are hugely excited to be working with the Science Museum and The Creation Station on these two new activations that will allow children to experience engineering first hand.  We know from the popularity of our companion show ‘Bitz & Bob You Can Do it Too’ that children love watching the associated experiments and makes from each episode, so it is fantastic to be able to give them hands-on experience.  We really hope that these projects will be the start of inspiring a whole new generation of engineers.”

Sarah Cressall founder of The Creation Station said “We are thrilled to partner with the much loved Bitz and Bob and the Science Museum to help engage children in activities that spark their interest in STEM subjects. Introducing a creative approach to learning about these subjects helps children to explore, discover, make connections, ask questions, understand and develops a wealth of problem-solving and thinking skills.  We look forward to nurturing the creative spark in each child during these fun hands-on workshops.”

Bitz & Bob, produced by BBC Children’s Productions and Boat Rocker Rights, launched on CBeebies in March  2017 and has proved a rating success. The show has also been in the top 10 on iPlayer since launch, and the online game Let’s Get Bitzy is in the top two most popular games on the CBeebies website. A ground-breaking new animated comedy adventure with a twist, it follows the colourful and fun antics of passionate inventor and creator, eight-year-old Bitz, her energetic and enthusiastic younger brother Bob and their toy friends. The funny and inventive stories explore the broad principles and science of engineering through creative play, crafting and invention, encouraging preschoolers to get involved in engineering, experiments and exploration.

Creation Station is an award-winning company which inspires over 16,000 children, families and adults every week with its creative arts and crafts experiences across the UK. Aiming to help make a positive difference, to inspire imaginations and nurture creativity, it takes children of all ages on journeys of discovery, exploration and development, unlocking ideas through fun hands-on activities, products and, of course, a little bit of inner and outer sparkle.