CBeebies Bitz  & Bob inspired Free Steam activities -  Putting the arts into stem – free downloads to try at home

The Creation Station Bitz ad Bob activities and sessionsWe are thrilled to team up with CBeebies Bitz & Bob to bring art and creativity into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

This weekend we are providing free activities at the Engineering Festival at The Science Museum, and you can try some of these great activities to enjoy at home. PLUS you can enjoy fun Bitz and Bob classes in your local area.

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The Creation Station Bitz ad Bob activities and sessions

Try these fun activities at home. 

Magic Liquids

We know that some things are solid and some things are liquid. We know that if you put water in the freezer it will change to a solid form of ice. But what if a liquid was to turn into a solid whilst it was in your hand? Find out how and why and enjoy this fun activity at home. 

Creation Station with Bitz & Bob cornflour experiment

You will need

  • 1 cup of cornflour
  • 1 cup of water
  • Few drops of food colouring or paint

Step 1

Mix the equal amount of cornflour and water to make a thick paste. Add a few drops of food colouring and mix in.

Step 2

Scoop a handful and roll into a ball. Open your hand and watch your ball magically drip and slide off your hand!

How this works

In your mixture, large cornflour particles are 'suspended' (float around) in the water. This is what happens in a liquid. The mixture is thick because the particles are packed very closely together, but there is a bit of room for them to slip past each other. When you stir the mixture, it gives the mixture energy. The suspended particles now have more energy to move past each other. However, when you put sudden ‘stress’ (pressure) on the mixture, by rolling it, the particles are squeezed into one place. This makes your mixture more like a solid with particles tightly packed together.


2. From square to spherical or round bubbles.

 We all love bubbles!  Here you can learn why bubbles are always round. 

Creation Station and Bitz & Bob square bubbles


  • 2 plastic straws (reuse straws if possible)
  • 4 chenille stems (also called pipe cleaners)
  • Scissors
  • Bubble mixture
  • Vegetable Glycerin

Step 1

Cut each straw into three equal lengths. Join the chenille stems to make a long chenille stem.  

Step 2

Thread four equal length straws onto the long chenille stem to make a square shape. Twist the ends of the chenille stems to make a handle. Add the glycerin to your bubble mixture. Dip your square bubble maker into the bubble mixture. Can you see a square ‘see-through flat layer’ of bubble mixture? Now blow on your bubble maker. What happens?  

How Does It Work

Water is made from hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms. They are attracted to each other and also cling to other atoms in other water molecules too. The bubble mixture and glycerin get in the way of their attraction and this makes them behave in a more “stretchy” way.  This means that when soap is mixed with water, the bonds or connections in the water are reduced. This is also called a ‘reduced surface tension’. As you dip your square shape into the bubble mixture, the bubble mixture stretches between the edges of the square and the mixture clings to the sides of your square. This is called adhesion. When you blow your bubble the mixture likes to use the minimum amount of surface area needed to hold the amount of air trapped inside. That is why your square bubble turned into a spherical or 3D round bubble!


3. Balloon Rockets

Rockets have always been an exciting phenomena for all of us, from landing on the moon to rocket propulsion. In this fun activity, you can start to learn what makes the rockets move.

The Creation Station Bitz and Bob Balloon Rockets fun

Step 1  

Tie a piece of string onto a fixed point (a chair or door handle will do). Slide a small piece of straw onto the string.

Step 2

Take the other end of the string and attach it to another fixed point. Then blow up a balloon. 

Step 3

Blow into your balloon and hold the end to keep the air in. Attach your balloon to the straw with sticky tape. Once secured to the straw, release the balloon and watch it zoom!  

How it works

When you blow into your balloon you are adding particles of air and gas. The more you inflate the balloon, the more particles there are. This increases the pressure inside the balloon making it stretch. When you release the balloon, gas quickly escapes to equalize the pressure inside the balloon with the air pressure outside of the balloon. The escaping air creates a force on the balloon itself, the balloon pushes back. This is described in Newton’s third law of motion - ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. In this case, the balloon moves in the opposite direction to the air whooshing out.

We hope you enjoyed these activities. If you would love to find local creative classes, parties and events click here to contact your local Creation Station leader.

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31st May

Nat has been brilliant

Nat has been brilliant. We have had two packs of the most amazing crafts delivered to our door during lockdown. We have had paints, canvases, pipe cleaners all sorts of fun crafts with ideas to have fun with. Things that we had never heard of or seen before such as noodle doodles. We can’t wait to come to one of your sessions when things get back to normal more.

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My daughter loves the sessions with vicky and looks forward to them each week.

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The live online creative class is not only fun, relaxed and educational it has also given my girls something to look forward to weekly and a masterpiece or three to show and be proud of afterward. Both my girls have taken the techniques used from the classes to create more art through out the week. I would highly recommend the Creation Station live online classes. *****

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Great club!!

my daughter loves vicky and loves doing create club. vicky goes out of her way to make sure the children get the best experience. we missed a session but vicky took the time to do a one to one session so my daughter didn’t miss out. Thank you Vicky ?

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We find Creation station brilliant

We find Creation station brilliant! A wide range of activities using all kinds of materials (all supplied to!) with a different theme each week. Very entertaining for my 6 year old to let their creative side shine! The host is very friendly and always patient with the children. The sessions usually last for around 12 weeks so great value for an after school club! My little one always looks forward to it! We are currently attending online creation station during lockdown and it’s fantastic! All Materials supplied to our door with super easy instructions to follow (all organised by our fantastic host Jude) It’s kept our routine which is very important for little people. We love it!!

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Vicky is absolutely amazing with the…

Vicky is absolutely amazing with the kids, she make it really fun and keeps them engaged through out, she also lets me join a little before if needed So that I am not late for my work meetings. My daughter loves create club and can’t wait for the next session. I think it’s lovely Vicky has kept it going for the kids through these difficult times, I am very thankful as it keeps my daughter occupied being the only child and whilst I’m at work. Thank you Vicky ?

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I love the classes Vicky runs

I love the classes Vicky runs. They are always very creative and my daughter loves them. It's brilliant that she has been able to keep it up during the lockdown too.

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I order these letters quite regularly…good price, speedy delivery.

I order these letters quite regularly but noticed they had gone up in price from last time, so I looked directly at your site. I was surprised to see that to purchase directly from you was cheaper, so that it what I did. The speed of delivery was excellent and I will always come straight to you in future for my craft supplies.

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Lisa from the Bournemouth /…

Lisa from the Bournemouth / Christchurch group is brilliant. We've attended some of her classes and doing them live on Facebook now. The classes are great for my 3 1/2 year old. We all join in. Learning through play is the way forward

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Absolutely fantastic class really enjoyed the crafts kept my 4year old and 2 year old entertained. Worked well on zoom during current climate Thank you Eleanor