CBeebies Art Craft Club launches in August brought to you by The Creation Station

If you are looking for fun ways to keep the kids busy and having fun this summer, you have come to the right place!

The Creation Station has teamed up with their friends at CBeebies Art magazine to bring you a brand NEW four-week CBeebies Art Craft Club!

CBeebies Art magazine is based on the seven areas of learning that support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). They encourage children and their parents to learn together, and to share a sense of achievement. The range of CBeebies magazines are the only preschool magazines that are all about CBeebies.

The CBeebies Art Craft Club has been carefully designed to inspire children from three years and over to get creative and make art fun.

You can stay with your child or children in our ‘Family Fun’ clubs, or you can leave your child in our ‘Create Clubs’. Please just check with your local leader which clubs are available near you.

Each week your child will be exploring an exciting range of activities, developing new skills and unleashing their wonderful creativity.

The four-week club will cover a different art skill each week and will include the following fun:

  • Doodle and drawing fun - Get creative and learn how to turn a line into artwork, sketch your own animated drawing and create personalised doodlebugs!
  • Artistic paper art – learn how to make paper creations! Turn a simple piece of paper into a spinning toy. Plus create a fruity fan!
  • Wellbeing – Explore feelings and thoughts through these fun hands-on activities.  Create your own gratitude flower and your own ‘ Feelings Friend’. You’ll also create your very own calming scented dough.
  • Recycle art - use things from around your home to create your own Ellie the elephant, re-cycled handy bag plus your own wriggly pet.  We request that you bring in some clean items of recycling for this class!

Your child will learn how to draw, sketch, model, collage, create their own toys, problem solve, work with a team, express their feelings, repurpose everyday materials and express and develop their own ideas.

At the end of four weeks, your child will receive a certificate on completion of the UK’s first  CBeebies Art Craft Club brought to you by Creation Station.

CBeebies Art magazine is all about making art fun and easy for preschoolers and is available in major supermarkets and newsagents. For more details pop over to the CBeebies Art magazine Facebook page. 

Click here to contact your local Creation Station  leader for details of CBeebies Art Craft Club near me 

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