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The Creation Station has made a huge eco statement by launching their new bio cosmetic glitter activity for their classes, parties and events across their network of one hundred plus franchise owners. As it’s biodegradable they are making good on their promise from their annual Franchise Conference of minimising the environmental impact of their creative activities by the end of 2019.

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Moving over to a bio glitter alternative with EcoStardust, The Creation Station has partnered with a brand who is committed to promoting an eco-strategy that positively affects the environment. The main ingredient of the biodegradable cosmetic glitter is plant cellulose, derived predominantly from sustainable farmed, eucalyptus trees.

Founder of The Creation Station Sarah Cressall said “I’m thrilled to be working with such a responsible and eco-friendly provider of Bio Glitter. We believe that our business has a social responsibility to limit our impact on the environment, plus the launch of this new awesome activity will give our classes, parties and events even more sparkle than before! This new activity with Bio Glitter will teach children and adults alike that small steps can make a huge impact on protecting our planet.” 

With the launch of cosmetic bio glitter, you can unleash your children's or adult’s creative imagination and be inspired this summer in local Creation Station classes, parties and events through Glitter Bar activities. These activities can be found their website: Or experience this first hand at hundreds of festivals and events across the UK this summer.

Kath Senior M.D of EcoStardust said “We are delighted to be partnering with The Creation Station who run such amazing and inspiring activities for children, families and adults. Because our glitter is made from Eucalyptus Trees there is no need for people to cut glitter out of their lives. The Creation Station are leading the way and have therefore made the switch to a more environmentally friendly option for all children, adults and families that use their services”.

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The Creation Station inspires imaginations through award-winning creative art and craft activities and products. As well as being fun and educational, the creative activities provide mindfulness for children and adults. Plus activities support event businesses and event organisers who are looking for engaging activities to delight and inspire. Over one million children and adults have already been inspired by local classes, parties and events and the activities are rated 5-Star on Trustpilot.   

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