BBC Report on Squeeze On Creativity - What Will This Mean For Your Children?

The BBC recently reported that creative subjects are being squeezed in schools.

Evidence shows that creative activities and a creative approach enables more engagement which leads to more ownership of learning. This helps develop a love of learning and the ability to think for oneself. Being different and having different opinions becomes more acceptable. Creativity provides a foundation for learning

Imagine if we pursued this line of thought further… the positive impact of accepting our differences and tolerating other opinions could change our world.

A more creative approach in our education system will help spark the ideas that can be a force for good and solve some of the biggest challenges our communities, environment and economy face.   

A creative approach also helps to develop our creative intelligence, the ability to think, create, connect & inspire

If we can nurture a creative approach in our children, we will positively affect future parents, workers,  entrepreneurs and leaders. There are many great schools, teachers and initiatives out starting to make a change.  

The Creation Station was established in 2002 to support children and families with opportunities to be creative. The creative approach is designed to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving skills and an understanding of their world.

The programmes we now run across the UK for approx 16,000 children and families per week are developed to inspire imaginations and nurture creativity through fun, hands-on art and crafts activities. Our approach is to explore an idea, concept or materials and help each child discover more, and develop their own ideas, problem-solving and self-confidence.

The fun, themed programmes are underpinned by the government Early Years Foundation Stage and have been developed through a wide influence of work including; Sir Ken Robinson Emilio Reggio, Montessori and Edward De Bono.

The tried and tested Creation Station activities spark children’s natural curiosity and have been developed for different ages and stages including; 

Since 2002, this approach has helped to inspire over 650,000 children and families and supports individuals to engage in the activities at their own rate and pace.

The  fun and innovative activities have been rated 5-Star by customers on Truspilot and have gained the following recognition;

  • Winner Best Franchise for Children's Services – Best Franchise Awards 2017
  • Winner Sylvia Anderson Award for Creativity 2017
  • Winner Excellence and Innovation - Children's Education Services 2017
  • Finalist Richard Branson’s Impact Award 2016
  • Finalist Festival Supplier Awards 2015

We need to ensure that our approach to educating our children and nurturing their potential is fit for their future.Education should not be treated like a sausage machine. We need to give them the platform that they can grow and blossom.  

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