5 ways to promote mental wellbeing in our children

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Being a child isn’t always a carefree procession of games, toys, laughter and frivolity.  Sometimes, your child can have really tricky times and inevitably, the likelihood of these times occurring can increase as they get older.

Fortunately, there is a current movement to address and understand the mental health and wellbeing of our children, and there are experts out there who can guide us on how to help our children through difficult time. 

At a recent seminar on Mental Health and Children organized by NIPS in Bath on April 17th, Paul Stallard (Professor of Child and Family Mental Health at the University of Bath, and Head of Psychological Services at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) gave some great advice about promoting positive psychological well-being in our children.  He presented 5 ways in which we can help encourage mental health and resilience.

·       Talk to them – so simple, but such an important tool.  Voice your concerns to the child and allow them to communicate their worries.  This will be easier when the child is less distracted – in the car, whilst colouring-in or drawing, before bedtime.  If this is difficult for you both, Paul recommends following the ‘SLEEP’ structure.  S – stop; L – listen, E – empathize; E – explore (why do you think this is happening, why does it make you feel sad?); P – plan (what shall we do? When shall we talk again?)  There does not need to be a definitive solution.  For many children, just sharing their worries will make a difference.

·       Celebrate their successes – children who are struggling with their psychological wellbeing will often have poor self-esteem.  They are unable to see their strengths and only focus on their failings.  Parents and carers can help by celebrating their triumphs, no matter how small and by not encouraging comparison with others.

·       Encourage the child to have a more positive view of themselves – learning to accept that they will not excel at everything can be a hard lesson to learn.  Children going through tough times can have a very negative inner voice, constantly criticizing themselves and being over critical about their abilities.  Teaching our children to accept themselves and their own abilities is vital for mental wellbeing. They must be able to forgive themselves their mistakes and weaknesses and learn that no one is perfect.

·       Promote a more balanced view of the future – children suffering from poor mental health often have a negative view of the future and believe that failure is inevitable.  This outlook needs to be challenged and resilience built to overcome difficult times.  Resilience and persistence are key traits that need to be developed for the lifelong mental wellbeing

·       Patience – these aids and lessons can take time.  Resilience takes a while to develop and it can be a slow process.  The over-riding message is that by putting the foundations and building blocks in place early on,  can pay dividends in the future.

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The current emphasis on ratings and grades in the education system, the pressures put on our children through social media, modern life and life events can all have a negative impact on our children.  Learning how to help them cope with tough times is a really important, but difficult part of parenting.











At The Creation Station, we believe that creative activities are also beneficial for promoting wellbeing.  For more information about care and creativity or contact your local leader for more information about bespoke events

If there is not a local leader in your area, why not find out more about starting your own franchise

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Ellie really enjoyed the day...... great fun with her wee friend. And had a great time down in the cafe. Will definitely look out for another event. The atmosphere was great and the attention to detail was fabulous up stairs and within the cafe. Especially looking forward to going through the secret garden door..

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Daughters 5th Birthday party

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Slime Workshop - Nashmills Village Hall

Our two children absolutely loved this workshop. Everything was well set up ready for the children and Liza was a great host giving the children clear instruction, encouraging and helping when required. Both our children are Autistic so the sensory experience with the slime was perfect for them. They came home very happy with their sparkly slime and decorated pot to keep it in. Highly recommend.

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Christmas Card making fun

Great time had by both my children today with Becky, can’t wait to see what the finished cards look like.

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We had a lovely time at creation station today even though my boy is only young they helped us make a card with his feet so it will be a personal card for all the family, they were very friendly and I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend them to any family that would like any unique cards made for the family.

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Fantastic class run by such a lovely person. Always on hand to help with my boystruss boys. Thank you

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I took my little boy who is 9 months along to a class, he really enjoyed it! And so did I! The lady who ran the class was so helpful and interactive and couldn’t do enough to ensure we got the best from the experience. Thank you

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Been going several terms now, granddaughter still loves and not got bored

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Rebecca was wonderful - looked after a room of 16 five and six year olds seemingly effortlessly. Our daughter and her friends had an amazing time and we've got the glittery pottery as a memento! Highly recommend.

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Highly recommend!

My little boy and I had a fabulous time at the Creation Stations Baby Discover class today. Fun class where my 10month old was encouraged to explore and play in a relaxed and friendly environment. We had lots of fun painting and making mess (without having to clean it up!) and made a cute prints keepsake. Lisa was lovely and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.