5 People changed their lives forever with Creation Station!

September Training 2017


We welcome Brad, Chantal, Tracey, Jayne and Jen to our Creation Station family!! 

These 5 awesome people decided to change their lives and careers by purchasing a franchise and becoming independent business owners and not work another day for someone else's profit! You too can be one of amazing 135 franchise owners, located all across the UK, together our network of focused and passionate franchise owners and Creative Hub combine to become a leading force in inspiring imaginations through the medium of arts and crafts, together we are stronger. :) 

You can be running a business that is yours, but backed by the UK’s leading Creation Station brand, giving you the confidence, knowledge and the opportunity to develop your skills to grow your business at a pace that suits you.

"I was working long hours and spending little time with my children,so when i came across Creation Station, i thought that I might as well work long hours for myself and it fits around my family perfectly." - Jayne Stafford

We work with you to help fit your business around your commitments. We support and work with you to create the business model that’s right for you. We offer you a unique
and flexible working opportunity for you to have a great career and still be there for your family with the lifestyle you want to achieve.

You’ll never be left alone wondering what to do. If you have a question or a query, there is a wealth of support on hand to help you through your business development journey.

"I decided to invest in my own future. The Creation Station training has allowed me to start my new chapter on the best footing possible." - Jen Elfverson

But that is not all. Remember, this is a business opportunity that grows with you. As  you have more time, you’ll find more revenue streams to benefit from.
You can leverage our much-loved, widely recognised brand for your
benefit. Your investment results in a positive cash flow. Customers pay in
advance – so there’s never any chasing money. With an exclusive territory, no one else can operate in your area without your permission. You have the potential to earn over £25 per hour. Overheads are low too, because you don’t need your own premises.

Just so you know, you don't need any specific qualifications or experience. In fact, some of our new family members come from a variety of trades:

- Jayne used to be a regional embalmer so this kind of change is huge for her, but she adores children as we have seen at training and is super excited to start up her own business. 

- Chantal already has some experience of running children's classes, however she has been attending The Creation Station classes for some time and she just fell in love with what we do!

- Tracey and Brad both come from teaching backgrounds and as rewarding as teaching is, they have recognised that the current education system is frustrating with a lack of time, resources and support and they both really feel that they can support their own communities much better by providing amazing creative crafting sessions for all ages where they can use their skills in both marketing and creativity making the perfect partnership, we know that both Brad in Penistone and Tracey in Didcot will do an awesome job and make a really positive contribution in their own communities.  

- Jen definitely had the most exciting career being a stage manager in West End at Cirque du Soleil. She says she adores her job, but love for children is a lot stronger and as much as she will miss her career, she doesn't regret taking this step and starting a new chapter in her life which will combine both flexible and creative opportunities. 

So if you do read this and think "Oh my God, it's me", remember that IT REALLY COULD BE YOU! It's never too late to chase your dreams in owning your own business and spending your time doing something rewarding as well as flexible around your time. We still have plenty of exclusive territories all around UK that could be yours in no time at all!

Just apply for you FREE information pack by clicking here:  and get familiar with the activities we provide and how this could benefit you and your family.