10 Reasons why attending Creation Station STEAM classes can benefit your child.

Creation Station STEAM themed workshops

It’s thought that over half of the jobs our children do in the future don’t even exist now! So how can we teach them what they need when we don’t know what they will be doing?

At Creation Station we believe that by equipping your child from an early age, with the right tools and knowledge, it will give them the foundation to think, connect, create and inspire.

Traditionally children have been ‘taught’ but we believe we need to help kids learn.

By sparking curiosity and inspiring imagination we can ignite your child’s incredible hunger to learn and discover more! By bringing the arts into all areas of learning your child can have fun learning about simple first concepts to help them develop a foundation of learning in areas of life. The fun positive creative experiences also develop children’s well-being, self-esteem and confidence.

Creativity is a force for good in all areas of learning and life. That’s why we have developed The Creation Station Little Explorers award-winning classes to incorporate Arts into 'S.T.E.M', which means that all areas of learning including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can be combined with Arts and become ‘S.T.E.A.M,’

Creation Station STEAM themed creative classes

STEAM is now widely recognised as an essential part of learning and as the leading creative activity leader, The Creation Station is now offering a selection of  STEAM themed sessions within our new Little Explorer programme, perfect for your 15 months – 5-year-old child.  

We know how important it is for your little one to learn through journeys of exploration and discovery. By involving your child in The Creation Station STEAM activities, you are giving your child the opportunity to support their early development in a wide range of subjects including science, technology, engineering and maths. At the same time, providing lots of award-winning creative hands-on fun!

Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children stated “Creativity underpins a lot of STEM skills so it is great to see such forward thinking from The Creation Station with their Little Explorer programmes, combining STEM learning with creativity and arts to promote holistic development in young children. The clever use of creative activities with STEM based learning outcomes helps all children engage with science and see it as a fun way of exploring our fascinating world. Age appropriate topics that children can relate to are a great way to introduce these concepts”.  

Creation Station brings STEAM activities to develop children's leanings

Here are the top 10 benefits for your child to attend STEAM classes.

1. Prepare your child for upcoming technological innovations:

Our world is changing, and technology will be a huge part of your child’s life as they develop. As well as The Creation Station programmes being underpinned by the Early Learning Foundation Skills. Many of our classes also have a focus on ‘STEAM’.  At a young age, this can be as simple as introducing scissor skills or experimenting with tools such as paint dabbers.  Your child will enjoy being able to explore a range of tools and will quickly develop their confidence with these skills.

Creation Station - brings creativity into science

2. Enhance problem-solving skills:

STEAM education builds and encourages problem-solving skills. In the STEAM activities, your child will encounter challenges and then work to correct and overcome them.  Making mistakes is the backbone of learning how to think and problem solve. These fun classes will support your little one to be comfortable with making mistakes and trying again, in the safe environment of a weekly class, your child will soon feel confident to try new things.

3. Increase understanding of concepts:

Your child will be able to engage and apply simple concepts to help them gain a greater understanding of the concepts.  Simple concepts like what happens when the paint is mixed, mark making, matching, freezing and melting, building, counting and sorting will be introduced through a fun and creative way.

Creation Station classes develops ideas and focus

4. Application of knowledge:

STEAM is motivating, engaging and real-world inspired. Knowledge is taught the way it is used in the real world, with concepts and subjects interwoven seamlessly. The fun activities help your child learn and apply their knowledge by doing – often without realising learning is taking place as it’s delivered through fun activities. The Creation Station sessions involve play-based activities with a real-life link, for example, making a simple balance scale to weigh the animals to help the farmer.

5. Instil creativity and innovation:

Creative activities develop skills beyond the ‘Arts’. It helps your child, create, think, connect and be inspired. Activities provide a solid platform for understanding a wide range of subjects. Being involved in creative activities allows your child to see challenges in new ways and to think outside of the box.  We love art and creativity, and these continue to be the backbone of our sessions with awesome child-led creations to take home and treasure.

Creation Station develops learning through creativity

6. Develop teamwork, collaboration, and communication:

STEAM makes it accessible for children to get involved at all levels of ability. Activities support your child’s involvement at their age and developmental stage. This helps children at various ages and different ability levels to play, learn, develop and have fun together.

Creation Station classes support collaboration and friends  

7. Encourage simple risk-taking:

Creative experiences encourage your child to try new things, develop their ideas and experiment with different outcomes. Children learn to have confidence in their ideas, make it happen, and if it fails, to try again. Praising your child for the way they have worked through a challenge rather than focusing on the outcome, helps to build and grow mindset, confidence and self-esteem.

Creation Station classes build self esteem

8. Complete process learning:

Your child will experience the ‘whole process’ of completing a project from start to finish. The skills required to learn how to think, research, plan, gather data, design, and draw conclusions are vital to the success of kids looking to solve real-life needs. This foundation can start at an early age by asking questions and helping your child explore, discover and develop by the process of doing.

9. Build perseverance and determination:

Children are naturally curious and creative. Many of The Creation Station classes are now STEAM linked and provide opportunities for your child to learn by doing, to fail and try again in a safe environment. Activities emphasise the value of failure as a learning opportunity and helps embrace that it’s OK to make mistakes. The activities give your child the confidence to make goals and take measurable steps to achieve them.  For example, can they transform a piece of paper into two pieces by tearing? Or by four pieces by using scissors?  Can they get the roof to stay on their brick building? We support you, to help your child develop their perseverance and determination in a fun and relaxing way.

10. Foster a love of learning:

STEAM fosters a love of learning, instilling a passion and drive to learn. The Creation Station approach sparks curiosity, unlocks creativity and feeds your child’s huge thirst for knowledge.

By involving your child into many of the STEAM inspired Little Explorer classes your child will develop a wide range of skills to help equip them as they tackle challenges in preschool, school and the real world.

Creation Station fosters a love of learning

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11th Nov

Fantastic session - best ever done for education & fun

Fantastic session! Quality, educational and fun time with my eldest (almost 4). Nicola has a fabulous style and way with the little ones. We will be going again for sure ??

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11th Nov

My son enjoyed it and loved the Rocket!

My son enjoyed it and loved the Rocket!

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11th Nov

Amazing class

Amazing class - my 13 month old daughter had a great time! It was lovely to do something different and we have block booked for 5 more weeks!

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11th Nov

Aman was a amazing host and kept the…

Aman was a amazing host and kept the kids on track through all the activaties. The children also had a amazing time . Would totally recomend to friends

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11th Nov

amazing !!!

Both my children loved creation station and what they had to offer. Sarah is amazing at what she does and we can’t wait to go again. Thankyou

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10th Nov

Worth every minute and every penny

I’ve been doing the Christmas Card making session with my son for 3 consecutive years; it’s brilliant! Nikki is incredible with all kids; and gets amazing hand and footprints whether they’re newborns or toddlers with ants in their pants! There’s always a HUGE range of stationary, pens, sparkles, and decorations. In addition, while parents finesse the card designs, there’s plenty of toys and games for the kids to keep them occupied... Looking forward to coming again next year!

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10th Nov

Such a lovely party

Such a lovely party, with Eleanor from the Creation Station! We wanted a party that was a bit different to the other party options , such as soft play etc, so this seemed a great idea as our daughter loves crafts. All the children were so engaged with the activities and all the parents commented on how relaxing the party was as the children were all so busy and well behaved. Would definitely recommend!

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10th Nov

Festive fun

We had the loveliest of festive afternoons with Sarah. Lots of Christmas fun and a wonderful keepsake to cherish for years to come. Sarah, thank you so much! You are kind and patient and your passion for your job really shines through!

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9th Nov



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9th Nov

I've really enjoyed all my experiences…

I've really enjoyed all my experiences with the Creation Station and so have my children. They are keen to return again. The activities are great, staff lovely, price reasonable and atmosphere relaxed.