Luminous slime workshops this Halloween - the spookiest, slimiest time of the year!

Spook-tacular slime sessions to delight and inspire the budding slime-ologist in your little one! Measuring, mixing, making and embellishing their own slime is a fantastic afternoon for them and you!


From blowing the biggest slime bubble to creating the stretchiest strand, the slime fun is endless! Book your nearest session today and see what all the fuss, and fun, is about! 

Here's what a few parents and children said after attending these fun events:

"This was an absolute hit, like a pick and mix station but for Slime. Once it was made Abby and the other children took turns to create bubbles and long ropes of slime together" Helen Shereden in Cardiff 

Lumo Slime Trio Branded

"From the second we told Jake we'd booked the session he was incredibly excited, and that excitement did not fade, not during, or after the workshop!" Martin Coombe in Oxford

Slime   Theo   Halesowen

With the supervision of our award-winning leaders, children use a variety of safe ingredients to mix, squeeze, embellish and stretch to create gloopy and slimey fun and without any mess!

Whatsmore, all the slime they make can be taken home in eco-friendly compostable pots, which is great to store our new luminous spooky slime!

Book your nearest slime event below and join in the creative fun this Halloween! 

Find your nearest Slime 4+ to 11

Find your nearest Slime 4+ to 11