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Children and older adults can have fun together in these arts and craft classes.

There are many benefits of bringing the old and young together. 

There is no feeling in the world quite like companionship. It makes us feel wanted, appreciated and improves our quality of life. That friendly face you can talk to. The chance to meet new people and being connected to your community. Here at The Creation Station, we’re helping to bring that sense of involvement to more people, young and old.

Social engagement between generations is a key factor for the well-being of all.” T.O.Y. 2017

Intergenerational practice is inclusive and builds on the positive resources that younger and older people have to offer each other and those around them.” Beth Johnson Foundation, 2009.

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How we helped bring the young and old together.
During lockdown, we brought grandparents and grandchildren together over zoom. Here is a short story reported by the BBC about our workshops in Guernsey.


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