Online Little Explorer Magical Me Programme Class

Age18 months to 4 yrs
Time14:00 - 14:40
Location Online, Online, Online, Online, ONL INE

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Age18 months to 4 yrs
Time14:00 - 14:40
Location Online, Online, Online, Online, ONL INE

**Please note; these classes are also available as recorded sessions on request, this way you can join in at anytime that suits. Plus we will send you the craft packs so you have the majority of the items you need**

We’re here to help nurture your child’s creativity during these difficult times. During your Magical Me programme, your child will explore lots of activities to develop their learning through creative fun. Each week we will focus on a different theme. 

This hands-on creative session celebrates ‘all about my wonderful self’. Your award-winning programme is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stages. Plus your fun sessions help your little one start exploring first stages of science, technology, engineering and maths through hands-on art activities. We call these  STE’A’M sessions. This means your Little Explorer is having fun and building a solid early years foundation too.

To help you with these online sessions, we will send you the essential crafts so you can join in at home.    

During your Magical Me fun programme, we’ll be sharing journeys of exploration, discovery and development.

Activities include:

  • Explore reflection and develop mark making and counting skills.
  • Special people in our lives.
  • Develop body confidence - create a teddy sized picture and help your child learn the main parts of their body.
  • Fabulous feelings - help your child develop confidence in using new tools.
  • Home sweet home - your child will develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Munchy Crunchy fun - learn about shapes and combinations in this fun food-themed session.
  • My Gorgeous Garden - create a miniature garden and help your child to use new materials for construction and to learn about growing.
  • Toy-Tastic; Help your child to use a range of tools and materials to make a toy to enjoy at home and explore how toys move….

and much more!

How it works

We will run your interactive online course shared with you via Microsoft teams. .e will send you the link by email within two working days of your booking and ask for details to deliver your exciting craft pack.

What you need

Your child will need access to felt pens, pencils, some trays to put paint in,    scissors, 2 paintbrushes, a hole punch,  a painting coat to protect their clothes and a table covering. At the end of each session, we will let you know if there are any specifics items you need for the following week; eg: silver foil, cardboard box etc.

Please ensure your child is supervised at all times, thank you.  

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