Age5-11 Years
Time15:00 - 15:45
Location Online, Online, Online, Online, ONL INE

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Age5-11 Years
Time15:00 - 15:45
Location Online, Online, Online, Online, ONL INE

**Please note; these classes are also available as recorded sessions on request, this way you can join in at anytime that suits. Plus we will still send you the craft packs so you have the majority of the items you need**

During our Around the World programme, your child will explore different around the world inspired creativity and art each week including;

  • Bright colours and extravagant costumes of the Caribbean and get into the carnival fever with headdresses and masks.
  • Painting skills of the Indigenous Australian people, looking at patterns and symbols and how they applied colour.
  • The wonders of Thailand and create a beautiful foil art picture based on their beloved elephant.
  • Fantasy animals inspired by the Mexican crafts people of Oaxaca, using pipe cleaners and foam clay.
  • Perspectives to create a landscape of the tulip fields in Holland.
  • Japanese inspired floral art.
  • Create your own mosaic mask inspired by the ancient Mayan People of South America.
  • Scrape Artic art pictures with a message
  • Clay pinch pots and simple basket weaving Native American style.
  • Scandinavian folk art and a  Dala Horse 

How it works

We will run your interactive online course shared with you via Microsoft teams. .e will send you the link by email within two working days of your booking and ask for details to deliver your exciting craft pack.

What you need

Your child will need access to felt pens, pencils, some trays to put paint in,    scissors, 2 paintbrushes, a hole punch,  a painting coat to protect their clothes and a table covering. At the end of each session we will let you know if there are any specifics items you need for the following week; eg: silver foil, cardboard box etc. 

Create Club 5-11 Years programme
Art-tastic Nature Starting from January

Art-tastic Nature 

We are going on a nature-inspired creative journey. So your child will be exploring …

  • Get Creative Designing A Colourful Season Tree
  • Let Your Imagination Go Wild As We Explore Bugs And Beasties!
  • Be Inspired By Decoupage
  • Have A Go At Making Your Own Paint And Tools
  • Unleash Your Creativity With Clay Creations
  • Ex plore The Depths Of The Deep Blue Sea

…to name a few of our nature-inspired creative sessions! 


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