Children's art and craft classes

Children of all ages really benefit from being involved in art and craft activities. It's not necessarily about the end product, but the exciting and absorbing journey they go on to create their own masterpiece.

These experiences help to build essential and desirable life skills, and the best bit - children LOVE arts and craft!

In the right environment, where children are free to explore, discover and try out their own ideas, they engage in their own way and flourish.

We know it can be tricky to provide these experiences at home - so that’s why we’re here!

Our exciting and educationally-based workshops are tailored to your child. And for you, there’s no stress or mess to worry about. The end result: essential quality time with your child in a safe and friendly environment. Above is the Sky TV feature about the experiences but the best way to find out more is to come along and experience the hands on fun with your own child.  

We have a growing network of Creation Stations across the UK. Find out where your closest children's classes are.

Award Winning Exploration Classes

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“I can do creative things with Daisy far easier at the Creation Station because her attention span is longer and there are more ideas than at home’ Daisy’s Mum

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Thanks for all the fun.. I've enjoyed painting, sticking, cutting, printing, drawing, stirring, mixing, tearing, folding, twisting, glittering, threading, squidging, scrunching, laughing, and making new friends!" Sophie and her Mummy and her little brother Sam.