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We are proud of our growing network of franchisees who support help to inspire imaginations across the nation. They all have a range of backgrounds and all got involved for different reasons.

Hayley Sugden Creation Station Franchisee – Leeds

"I’ve found a fun and rewarding business that I love and that fits in perfectly with being mum to my boys – some people call me lucky – I tend to agree!"

"I wished there had been a Creation Station around when my twins were growing as it’s so fabulous on many development levels giving inspiration and structure but also allowing you to explore with materials I couldn’t use or didn’t have room for at home.It has been over three years since I decided to invest in a Creation Station franchise with a view to finding a rewarding work/life balance after the birth of my twin boys. They join in at Creation Station wherever possible and love to get involved."  

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Liz Cairns  inspires imaginations with Creation Station in South Aryshire

"I wanted to do something more rewarding with my time."

"I had enjoyed a really rewarding career in the hospitality industry, managing pubs and restaurants but when I had my son Jamie I decided a more flexible future would work better for me and my family, so I took a part time job as a receptionist. Although this was flexible, my brain and skills just weren’t being used and I really wanted to be doing more than this with my life. 

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Roisin Egan inspires imaginations in Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland 

"I swapped the suit, desk and briefcase for glitter, glue and clay!"

"I am so proud to have inspired over 1500 little imaginations in Mid-Ulster through sheer hard work in 5 months! I am proud to have 3 Weekly Little Explorer’s classes ranging with between 7 – 16 children and a waiting list for one particular class . I have over 650 likes on my FB page. I’m especially proud of the 16 event tenders that I’ve won.  I have been honoured to entertain at 12 children’s Birthday Parties. I am proud to be part of such a supportive, energetic, understanding team – my Creation Station Family. You all rock!! 

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Jackie Farrow. Creation station Franchisee - Guildford

What the Creation Station offered seemed almost too good to be true! A chance to turn an activity that I loved into my own business that I could fit around my two children, and expand as they grow older - it seemed to be the perfect work-life balance franchise.

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"I Love My decision I ever made to join the Creation Station Team x" Sue Hicks. Durham Franchisee

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I have been running my Creation Station franchise since March 2013 and I can honestly say they have been the most fun filled happy months in employment I have ever had. The Creation Station team from Head Office to fellow franchises are so warm and friendly and offer a huge amount of experience and support. It really is like joining one very big happy creative family. Owning my own franchise allows me to balance my time with my family and get the rewarding and very fulfilling career I win win situation. It is hard work but so very rewarding and every day holds a new challenge and experience. I certainly wouldn't look back now. The Creation Station is my dream career. Kirsty Hickson inspires imaginations In East Yorkshire