Our Values and Passion

Giggles of excitement as the magic box appears, children creating artworks they’ll treasure, sticky fingers, painted arms and noses, chatting and laughing Mums, squelchy and squishy stuff, sparkly and glittery trails… these are the things we take pride in at the Creation Station!

We firmly believe that our future is in the hands of our children and that we need to give them the tools, skills and passion to discover and embrace all the wonders of the world.

We love feeling excited about Monday mornings, and every activity we organise, because what we do matters to us. And that’s why our smiles are genuine!

We feel privileged to be able to release the magic of childhood discovery and creative play and the many benefits they bring. It’s about firing up our children’s imagination and setting them off on a journey of discovery.

Be inspired... what will you discover today?"


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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein

'The more children know that you value them, that you consider them extraordinary people, the more willing they will be to listen to you and afford you the same esteem. And the more appropriate your teaching, based on your knowledge of them, the more eager your children will be to learn from you. And the more they learn, the more extraordinary they will become' M.Scott Peck