Franchise Support

Setting up your own business can be a daunting prospect for many. it's one of the reasons that the tried and tested model of a successful franchise is so appealing to so many. 

It's not just the fact that the business works, but it’s also because with the right franchise you receive a wealth of support and hand holding  for the whole time you run your franchise. 
Our franchisees state that they feel supported when they start out, as they grow their business, as is they start to get really established and need help with  managing their successful business.

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"I bought my franchise from a lady, who had been running for 18 month at the time and I am now in my 3rd year and am LOVING it! The business is thriving, makes money and I have found the perfect work - life - balance" Alexia inspires imaginations in West London

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"I've been running my franchise since 2014 and I love running my own business and being in charge of my own future. It has enabled me to enjoy more time with my family than I would otherwise have had and allowed me to see my baby grow into a little boy. I love knowing that there are so many revenue streams and avenues which I haven’t explored yet, however I’m excited that my business can grow with me and my family at a pace which suits us! I love the fact that I have a whole support system at Head office and through the franchisee network. There is always someone available with great advice and support, it’s a vital part of the franchise for me and makes me feel like part of a big extended family. I love the sessions and especially the parties and there is a huge amount of job satisfaction. I’ve made lots of new friends and feel a part of my local community. It’s great fun and for me, the adventure continues..." Claire Darnley Inspire imagination in Halesowen