Indoor entertainment

Discover how to inspire children and familes, increase footfall, and retention and frequency of returning visitors with the fun and engaging activities provided by award winning Creation Station 

The UK’s leading creative experience company The Creation Station works with proactive family focussed organisations who provide exceptional experiences to their guests and support the local community but sometimes struggle with;

  • Extending the range of innovative fun activities on offer to attract a mixed age range of children in a family 
  • Developing new initiatives to bring in new customers to their centres
  • Finding the time to develop and deliver, themed and seasonal activities to ensure guests are inspire to keep returning 

We help by working with individual organisations to help identify key challenges and to support with bespoke solutions. Some example of how The Creation can help include;

  • Increasing footfall by providing weekly art and crafts classes for children.
  • Providing themed activities such as summer holiday fun, Halloween Christmas and Easter workshops and drop in fun. 
  • Developing promotional and launch  activities for your centre

Find out how your centre can benefit from The Creation Station sensation.  

 To find out more email our Creative Hub head Office on or click here to find your nearest Creation Station 


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“We have been impressed with The Creation Station as we have worked with a number of external partners but not one has matched the professionalism and enthusiasm that is shown by The Creation Station . The administration is easy for our customers and staff, which in the past has been very complicated with such partners and overall it is also the extremely positive response we get from the attendees of the classes. They simply love them. An excellent product made fantastic by a lovely franchise owner, Penny Gilbert who loves what she does to inspire children's imaginations . Mike Foster The Treehouse Play Centre Oxfordshire