How we started

I’m Sarah Cressall, founder of The Creation Station and mum to three lively boys. As a parent, I know how important it is to feel that you’re bringing out the best in your children but I also know, from trial and error, just how difficult that can be!

Creativity has always been a passion of mine. Even when I worked as a senior manager in London, I pursued my love of art and design – selling my artwork, as well as completing murals at Charing Cross for British Telecom and Exeter University!

After gaining an Art Management Diploma, I became head of Art and Photography in a young adults’ disabled centre. I also ran my own design business “Artworks” and continued to win commissions for my creative work. These experiences sowed the seeds of what would later become The Creation Station.

Becoming a mum!

Having children brought a very different focus to my life, especially when it came to keeping them occupied. In their early years I tried really hard to provide creative “messy time” but the boys would usually only sit still for a couple of minutes, then announce they’d finished while I was still setting up!

It was hard to actually enjoy these activities with them as I was too busy getting everything out, washing up and trying to clean them up before they charged through the house.

Creating something different

I realised it must be the same for many other mums and dads and set about creating an experience that children and their parents or carers could enjoy together. This was back in 2002. I spent the next five years steadily developing the idea of arts and crafts activity sessions which took families on a shared journey of discovery.

My aim was to inspire children's natural creativity at an early age in a safe and nurturing environment using art, craft, music and movement. Not only was it great for children's development but it was really good fun to do this creative stuff with your child, especially when ‘mess' wasn’t an issue, and all the planning and clearing up was done by somebody else.

The sessions – which have already been enjoyed by thousands of parents and children - are designed within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the Department of Education’s framework. They take into account The Early Goals for pre-school children to help them practise and develop their skills in preparation for school. 


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"I know just how hard it can be to do hands on creative stuff at home, especially when they are little - they would have finished before I had set everything up! Painted finger marks down the hall for the 6th time made me think there must be a way of enjoying doing this stuff with them…and now thankfully there is”