How the toddler classes work

How do the toddler classes work?.

The ‘Exploration' toddler classes run weekly during term times for 50 minutes. Our educationally based programme is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage and runs during the term time for 12 - 14 weeks. Each programme is themed and has been developed exclusively for The Creation Station to cover key requirements to help children achieve their own journey of learning and early learning goals.

I have more than one child under five can I bring them both along?

Yes - absolutley. Our aim is to make your life easier and we tailor the activities to suit your children and their age and stage. We know that if you have more than one child, it's hard trying to juggle activities that suit the different age ranges. That is why we run an all age inclusive class, making your life easier and supporting your family to have fun together!

There are also many benefits of children being creative among children, especially in mixed age groups. The younger ones gain so much from mixing and observing the older children and the older ones can share their 'wisdom', skills and top tips with the little ones.

Plus we offer massive discounts on the cost for more than one child from the same family, and for childminders too making it even easier for you to enjoy some real creative family fun time together.

Can I come and try a session first?

You and your child are very welcome to come along to a couple of classes first, to decide whether you both love it! To book these two sessions, just find your nearest Creation Station then book online, email or give them a call. It's that easy.

What if I can't come to all the classes in a programme?

If you let us know and there's space, you're very welcome to come to another class at a different time or day that week. Unfortunately we can't carry over sessions that are missed from one week to another.

We know how frustrating it is to pay for sessions and not be able to come to them all, so we've introduced a Voucher Scheme. These vouchers allow you to pre-book the sessions you can attend. So, if you can only make a few sessions, you don't have to pay for the whole term.

Session Vouchers also make great gifts. Maybe you know someone who'd like to treat your child to the sessions? Or perhaps you're stuck for a special gift idea? Discover more about Creation station Classes Gift Vouchers.

Do I have to stay?

Yes. You or the parent/carer are responsible for your child during the session and we do encourage you to get involved during the activities and to have a go yourself! Evidence suggests that children gain far more confidence when their parent/carer is actively encouraging and supporting them in their explorations - plus it is quite good fun!

What does my child need to bring?

They don't have to bring anything. However, if your child has been inspired during the week, they can bring in items to use during the session. Or if they have a particular project they want to get on with, they're welcome to bring that in too.

For your first two taster sessions we'll supply the overalls for your child and we just recommend that you don't wear your best! Just a note on the paints we use - they're all non toxic, environmentally friendly and washable. If you do get the paint on an item of clothing it's best to soak any paint stains in warm water or ‘Vanish' first, and then wash immediately.

My child just runs about and can't sit still. Shall I wait until they're a bit older as I don't want to disrupt the class?

100% of customers surveyed said that their child's concentration had increased due to attending the preschool classes.

Please see our arts and crafts session survey for more details. Many children who come need to run about for a bit. That's what many children like to do as they explore their new environment, and that's quite OK. Eventually, over the weeks, they'll become more interested in what everyone else is doing. We recommend that you do the activities, then  they come and see what you're doing and will start to join in - it works like magic!

Can we bring friends or visiting cousins?

Yes. You're very welcome to enjoy the session with friends and family. They can attend for a one off session. If you can, please call us just to let us know.

How do I book?

We request that you pre book so that we can welcome your child and prepare all the materials and tools that we will be using for that weeks arts and crafts class. Fees are paid termly, or with a post dated cheque for the second half term (depending on whichever method is more convenient for you). Due to demand, often by older siblings or friends who want to come too we also run half term and holiday activities for up to 11 years. Please join our mailing list to keep updated on our activities, classes and events in you local area.

Can I buy your art and craft products to use at home?

You can buy any of the art and craft products that are used during the sessions. We often have some of our ‘Inspiration' items for sale after the session if your child wants to carry on the activity, or if they want to develop an idea further at a later date.

Alternatively, you can buy arts and crafts products from the ‘Inspiration' shop on this website.

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‘There are reasons why you don’t do this sort of think at home…and they’re all reasons why you come to The Creation Station. Its messy fun- not sure who enjoys it more- the children or the mums (& dads!). Great ideas that inspire the imagination- Brilliant’ Hannah’s Mummy

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“Jemima and I have been coming for three years - other classes have come on gone, but we both love this special (…and easy!) time of being creative together. We also have just had Jemimas 4th birthday and the Creation Station was really good- loved by everyone” Jemima’s Mummy, Photograph of Jemima receiving her official ‘I’m a Creative Kid’ certificate before she started school. (We miss you and look forward to half terms and holidays!)