Baby classes

Baby discovery is a unique baby learning & development experience with inspiring creative play & treasured artworks.

We believe this is the ultimate creative journey of discovery for your baby. Share the experience of fun hands-on learning - the sort of stuff you wouldn't do at home - in a safe and nurturing environment.    

Plus, make special artworks with your baby to take home, play with and treasure for ever.

What will you and your baby discover today?

  • An educational programme that supports your baby's learning and development
  • Hands-on, fun, shared experiences 
  • The joy of exploring and developing new sensations together
  • Safe and nurturing development activities

You’ll also help your baby create their first art work and other treasured pieces and discover more of the world around them.

Classes include a wealth of art and crafts materials and what you make is yours to take home. Siblings are also welcome at a special big sister or big brother rate.

Places are limited so contact your local Creation Station for more details.


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"I had to go on a 3 hour train journey and the see through sparkly egg we made last week kept Luke entertained for the whole journey - he loves it. I think because we made it together, it just really captured his interest- couldn’t believe it - thanks so much" Holly - Luke's Mummy

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"It's really good to introduce babies to different experiences at such a young age because you wouldn’t be able to give them this level and variety of creativity at home. Because it's all been set up and pre-planned it covers so many of the learning needs, and with all the clearing up taken care of too, it's just a really enjoyable shared time together. I have told 3 other child-minders and they have all booked!" Annabel’s Mummy and child minder Debbie. Somerset