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We absolutely love parties and our children's Arty Party packages are designed to encourage girls and boys from 1 - 11 years to feel inspired, have fun and create a party bag filled with their own wonderful artworks. We also aim to make the party as stress free as possible for you. (In fact, what we really love is that grown ups love the parties as much as the kids and us!)

We have three types of Arty Party packages and they are all tailored around your child, your needs, the size of your group and your budget. You can also choose to have your Arty Party at home, or in a venue. We work with you to make your child's birthday the best day of their year and provide treasured memories for all involved.

All options include each child decorating their own party bag, making and taking home at least two original artworks, plus music, games and dancing and complimentary party invitations. Their party bags are included so you have less to organise.

Here are a few examples of our most popular making activities, your local Creation Station provider will be able to let you know what they can provide - but here are some examples:

Cool arty parties

Creative creatures, beautiful butterflies and beastie bugs…!

Create your own little pet creature from clay.  After the food, make some gorgeous jewellery or laser bracelets.

Princes and Princesses…

Paint and collage your own mask. Will it be pink and fluffy or dark and scary? Create your own headdress with willow and beads and wire to make a tiara fit for a princess or a prince’s royal crown. After the food you could make your own royal pet out of clay.

Brilliant arty parties

Create sparkly treasure chests and magical wands…

Decorate your own beautiful chest - transform it into a princess’ jewellery box, or a pirate’s treasure chest. Afterwards create clay bowls to hold all those special gems then, after the food, adorn a beaded starry wand or funky willow fish.

Be a designer and create your own T-shirt design…

Design, colour and paint your own Creation Station T-shirt. Finish off after the food by making jewellery with beads, bells and buttons.

Create a canvas masterpiece…

Let your imagination fly with our exciting paint tools, sparkly sequins and collage materials. Create your own unique modern artwork on a professional stretched canvas then make a jingly, jangly key ring.  After the food, make your own funky badge. 

Awesome arty parties

This is our bespoke package where you can choose from any of the activities and we put an original party together for you. Here are just a few popular choices:

Art for you to treasure…

Paint and collage a wooden treasure chest and paint a stunning art canvas. After the food, make some wonderful willow wands and headdresses.

Creative kids…  

Design a T- shirt and willow headdress and bracelets.

Fantastic art to display…

Give your imagination free rein - use our exciting paint tools, sparkly sequins and collage material to create your own unique modern artwork on a professional stretched canvas, and then create your own designer T-Shirt masterpiece too.


Our parties are tailored to suit your needs and to help your child have a wonderful special celebration.

For details of availability, and packages to suit your budget please contact your local Creation Station provider.

We know that it’s tricky knowing how many children will arrive on the day, so we’ve created different price brackets depending on the party package you choose and the approximate number of children invited. This way you can have the perfect party to suit your preferences.

Up to 10 children

Up to 15 children

Up to 20 children

Up to 25 children

Up to 30 children

Special offers

Your local Creation Station often has great special offers. Find your nearest Creation Station Arty Party Entertainer and contact them directly. We recommend that you enquire about availability as soon as you can so that we can help to make your child's day their best ever!

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"All the children had a completely wonderful party. This was a well organised delight for all the parents and children alike, with lots of positive comments form everyone through out the party. A really wonderful 2 hours- thank you so much for such a special and memorable party" K. Boyer

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"Very calm & relaxed. The easiest party we have organised! Rebecca and her friends all enjoyed immensely" S.J.