Who we work with

We work with a wide range of organisations to help them achieve community-focussed goals.

We are proud to provide our specialist arts and crafts activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and to work with the following groups and organisations:

1. Preschool

2. Playgroups

3. Nurseries

4. NCT groups

5. Parenting classes

6. Children’s centre

7. Sure Start

8. Childminders

9. Local council

10.National Franchise Exhibition

11.National Events and Shows

12.Shopping Centres 

13.Children's charities

14.Event Organisers

15.Disability groups

16.Dads’ groups

17.Corporate events

18. Soft Play Centres

...And many others


What do organisations say about working with us?

Those working in partnership with the Creation Station say it's helped them achieve at least two of the following:

Increase the footfall of visitors. 

Attract new customers with a new award-winning experience.

Create new groups to use the café or dining facilities.

Retain customers for longer.

Encourage new users and increase attendance.

Provide staff with opportunities to observe and record children's development.

Provide staff with ideas and activities.

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"Our Christmas party this year was excellent. We had our own Creation Station Christmas Workshop, and everyone got involved. It was excellent value for money and we didn't have to organise any of it- Brilliant!" Quorn Preschool

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An example of one of our successful partnerships with the Local Council, Library Service and Science Museum.